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Kyocera-cutting tools      Kyocera-cutting tools      Kyocera

The software «KYOCERA-cutting tools» implements the automated choice of the cutting tools of Japanese company KYOCERA. The company offers the big choice of the progressive cutting tools for different kinds of a metal working. The program give the automated choice of the prefabricated cutting tools with the cutting inserts. For the selected cutting tool and the assigned work material the software itself offers the optimal cutting insert, appropriate to the first choice, besides it offers the inserts of the second and the following choice for satisfaction of a user’s all wishes.

Kyocera-cutting tools

For example, to select the drill with the inserts on paper catalog necessary perform a range of actions:

1. Find the page with the program of drills and determine the necessary series of drill.
2. Find the drill this series with the sufficient length of the working section.
3. Find the drill with the necessary diameter in the table, write its full description.
4. Remember the designation of the insert and the page number on which they are presented.
5. Go to the page with these inserts.
6. Find type chipbreaker in the special table depending on the length of the working part of the drill and the work material.
7. Select the alloy of the insert.
8. Find the insert with the necessary chipbreaker and alloy, write its full designation..
9. If you need in the eccentric bushing, necessary go to the page with their table and select the bush for the shank of the drill.
10. Write the cutting conditions can go to a page with the cutting conditions.

Drill Kyocera



As can be seen, for selecting one drill with the inserts necessary requires a lot of flipping catalog, what takes the considerable amount of time. In addition, with this algorithm selection tool increases the likelihood of errors, what requires the utmost attentiveness. When you select several tools constant stress of man will be present throughout the work with catalogs. It is also possible accidentally of not finding the right tool, in the end it will result to the purchase of the tool from a competitor, what is not always justified.

Optimal selection of cutting tools is very important and difficult task, as the wrong choice of cutting tools can not only result in poor machining but also to its breakdown to disruption of term production, etc. 

Selection of the drills with the developed program is carried out in a matter of seconds, with a few clicks of the mouse, to choose the drill diameter and the material being processed. You don’t need to think of a suitable insert, chipbreaker, alloy, cutting conditions, etc., the program will choice it all yourself. The user needs only to take the finished result.

Kyocera drill


Similarly implemented, the automated selection of other tools, the most widely implemented selection of milling tools with inserts. Cutting inserts are also automatically selected for the selected milling tools and the workpiece.

Kyocera mill

The advantages of the program is user-friendly interface. Some existing programs are so not easy to use that selection on them implemented in parallel with a paper catalog. This is a very reduced pluses of these programs.

The program «KYOCERA-cutting tools» has a user-friendly interface here at any time you are can to select another tools, and then return to begun to the selection the first tool, it does not offer a lot of unnecessary dialog boxes covering the all screen. Search tool can be achieved by selection filter. For each tool there are graphic pictures for visual presentation about the tool and its sizes.

Already, this version has a fairly wide functionality. The program offers a convenient calculator, where you can calculate not only the cutting speed and feed, but also the load of the main drive gear.

Calculator Kyocera

There is also a section of the technical information, which provides a description of cutting materials KYOCERA and several other useful information in Russian.

Information Kyocera

Implemented ability to generate a list of selected instruments in the program Microsoft Excel. For each selected tool just need to press the button "In list", and then generate a list, one-button mouse.

Kyocera Excel

You can also preview the video, on the progressive cutting tools Kyocera, clearly demonstrating their capabilities. Supplemental information is also available at any time.

Modern program must have and many other capabilities:
1. Adjustment the cutting conditions for given cutting resistance, the load of the main drive gear, etc.
2. Generating a drawing or sketch tool in the CAD-system.
3. Ability to work in the various CAD / CAM-systems.
4. Generation of programs for CNC using the selected tool.
5. Generating the setup sheet.
6. Create database know ledge about tools.

The future development of the program «KYOCERA-cutting tools» lead exactly to such a possibilities. Besides the main ideology of the program - is automate the selection of tools for the structural components of the whole detail, such as the complex holes, contoured surfaces, etc.

Kyocera’s tools extend capabilities of metalworking, the created program provides them in a more convenient form. The program turns the selection of cutting tools into a very nice process, and the work with the company of the supplier in the mutually beneficial cooperation.


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Kyocera-cutting tools

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Kyocera - cutting tools


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Kyocera — японская высокотехнологичная компания, основанная в 1959 году доктором Казуо Инамори. Штаб-квартира корпорации находится в городе Киото (Япония), а в 68 странах мира работают около 60 000 её сотрудников.
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Kyocera — представляет огромный выбор прогрессивных режущих инструментов для различных видов механической обработки. Инструменты данного бренда обладают широкими технологическими возможностями и отличаются высоким качеством, свойственным для большинства японской продукции.



Чертежи инструментов Kyocera в формате DXF доступны на глобальном сайте компании Kyocera.


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